Fåglar vid havet (bön)

Konstfilm signerad Wolfgang Lehmann

”For quite some time I have been fascinated by the spectacular beauty of the 13th Century Roman Liturgy for Easter. Augustin’s (Philosopher and Church teacher who lived during the transition from the Antique to the Middle Ages) words about the art of the Sequence, which at the time were referred to by the singers as a work of music, inspired me to undertake the attempt to produce a Film, one which essentially reflects what Augustin heard. Indeed what did he hear? A form of communication which didn’t necessitate the spoken word, but one in  which one spirit to another was revealed. I have presented here a visual Sequence to the musical Sequence.” – Wolfgang Lehmann

Wolfgang Lehmann (f. 1967) har verkat inom film- och videokonst sedan 1989. Han arbetar främst med dokumentärt material, vilket inkluderar landskapsbilder och teman från förorts- och stadsmiljö. Hans stil karaktäriseras av koncisa, ofta rytmiska, montage.

Music: the song of the Roman Church, Vespers on Easter Sunday 6 - 12 Century

World premiere: 06. December, MoCa, Museum of contemporary art, Shanghai / China



Titel Fåglar vid havet (bön)

Originaltitel Fåglar vid havet (bön)

År 2008

Längd 2 min

Länder Sverige, Tyskland

Regissör Wolfgang Lehmann